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Taijyu Fujiyama
Age 29
Belong to Japan Professional Magicians' Association

Taijyu Fujiyama was born in 1987 in Tokyo. He is one of the few successors of Japanese classical magic called "Tezuma."
When he was 15 years of age, he took interest in magic, and won many championships of magic both in and out of Japan for school days.
In 2014, he won the championship in the Asian Magic Competition, and the next year he participated in the World Magic Competition as the Japanese representative and won fifth place.
Now, his activities have been taken up by much media and he performs in various countries around the world to convey the charm of Japanese traditional magic arts.

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2014 FISM ASIA in Korea / Category of General 1st Prize

2015 Hope Award from Japan Professional Magicians' Association
World Chanpionship of Magc FISM in Itary / Category of General 5st

2013 S.A.M. in Virginia (America)

2014 TMA MAGIC Convention (Taiwan)

2016 Salon des Vacances,Vakantiesalon (Belgium)
Busan International Magic Festival(Korea)
Japan Festival (London)
Hyper Japan (Lonon)
Festival Japon (Mexico)

2017 TOKYO CITY PROMOTION 2017 (India)



TEZUMA is japanese traditional magic and is designated as the Japanese intangible cultural asset.
It has a long history that it was in full flourish in the Bunka-Bunsei piriod of the Edo period.
The people of Edo looked at and enjoyed the dream to TEZUMA.
The feature of TEZAMA is that the form called the "Kata" and "Mitate" remains.
Those are Japanese way of thinking that put a high value on beauty of form, so it differs clearly from another magic.