Japanese Traditional Magic "TEZUMA"

Taijyu Fujiyama


Age 34
Belong to Japan Professional Magicians' Association

Taijyu Fujiyama is one of the few successors of Japanese classical magic called "TEZUMA."
In 2014, he became an asian champion of the Magic, and the next year he participated in the World Magic Competition called "FISM" as the Japanese representative and won fifth place.
In 2019, he got the "Rookie of the year award" in the National Arts Festival. Now, his activities have been taken up by much media and he performs in various countries around the world to convey the charm of Japanese traditional magic arts.

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TEZUMA is japanese traditional magic and is assetsated as the Japanese intangible cultural asset.
It has a long history about 300 years.
The feature of TEZAMA is that the form called the "Kata" and "Mitate" remains.
Those are Japanese way of thinking that put a high value on beauty of form, so it differs clearly from another magic.



  • National Arts Festival / Rookie of the year award


  • World Chanpionship of Magc FISM in Itary / Category of General 5th
  • Hope Award from Japan Professional Magicians' Association


  • FISM ASIA in Korea / Category of General 1st Prize



  • Feel Japan 2019 (Vietnam)
  • Shan Hai magic Festival (Chaina)
  • TMA MAGIC Convention (Taiwan)


  • Festival Dell Oriente (Italy)
  • Japan Festival (Brazil)
  • Fool Us (U.S.A.)


  • Festival International de Magie de Noume (New Caledonia)


  • Salon des Vacances,Vakantiesalon (Belgium)
  • Busan International Magic Festival(Korea)
  • Japan Festival (London)
  • Hyper Japan (Lonon)
  • Festival Japon (Mexico)


  • TMA MAGIC Convention (Taiwan)


  • S.A.M. in Virginia (America)


Japanese Mysterious Fox

Original TEZUMA.
Performed at the World Championship of Magic "FISM (Federation internationale des societes magiques)".

Mask changes quickly and vividly.
This is a program that mysterious world that seems to be Japan, adding a story that "a fox turns into various characters to surprise people" and "conduct of Japanese dance".

Japanese Production Box

It is very popular with celebrations and weddings.

It is a powerful and gorgeous performance that takes out "red and white articles", "giant big golden fan" and "bright red huge umbrella" one after another from the empty box.

The art of butterfly

Around 300 years ago, Japanese magician has invented a skill of making paper butterflies flying like real butterflies.

There is a birth, encounter, marriage, farewell and death.
Although, death is not the end.
Butterfly has left new life behind leaves.
As time goes on, the new life will turn into thousand butterflies and fly away.

This program is the kind of art which expresses the whole life of a butterfly.

Thumb Tie

I go through a sword or a poll with the thumbs of both hands tied by paper strings.

It is a very simple performance, so it is too mysterious, and the audience loses a voice.

Spectator participation (Children can participate if higher than elementary schoolchild.)